Biena Snacks' Awards of 2017

December 31, 2017

Dr. Oz 2017 Ozcars - Smartest Food Picks for your Body 

Dr. Oz magazine gave our Sea Salt chickpeas an Ozcar! 

Runner's World 2017 Editors Picks

Runner's World magazine called out our Sea Salt chickpeas as one of the Best Foods for Runners in 2017!

Progressive Grocer - Editors' Picks

Our Rockin' Ranch chickpeas won "Editors Pick" in Progressive Grocer's annual snack awards.

"Ranch is a perennial flavor favorite, and Biena combines it with high-fiber chickpeas for a healthful snack that features cool, creamy flavor with a light, flaky crunch." 

Check out the story here.  

SELF Healthy Snack Awards

SELF Magazine rounded up 100 R.D.-approved packaged snacks to find the best options out there, and our Barbeque chickpeas made the cut! Check out the full story here

Biena Snacks' Awards of 2016

December 31, 2016

Clean Eating Magazine 2016 Clean Choice Awards

Clean Eating recognized Biena with an award! Our Sea Salt chickpea snack made Clean Eating's 2016 list for being an environmentally conscious product! Did we mention it also has 6 grams of protein? Read the full awards list here.

Prevention Magazine 2016 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards

Prevention recommends Biena Honey Roasted chickpeas for a snack with more fiber and less sugar!

Biena Snacks' Awards of 2015

December 31, 2015

The Best New Supermarket Snacks of 2015

We've enjoyed many a savory chickpea snack; sweet varieties, not so much. That is until we tried Biena Cinnamon Maple Chickpea Snacks, which pack bold cinnamon and maple notes into a well-balanced crunchy snack.

Biena Cinnamon Maple Chickpea Snacks

Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs To Watch

We're crunchy, salty, satisfying… and healthy!

Shape Magazine 2015 Snack Awards

These hot bites give you 5 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and a super satisfying crunch that comes from dry roasting rather than frying. Testers flipped over the spicy-salty flavor.

Cooking Light 2015 Taste Test Awards

Biena Chickpeas Habanero was named a 2015 Taste Test Winner by Cooking Light. Editors said the chickpeas "have just enough sweet to balance out the habanero heat." Read about it here

The Gourmet Retailer 2015 Editors' Picks

These gourmet judges know a good thing! The award-winning Habanero just received another honor for the trophy case...this time from the judges of The Gourmet Retailer. They called the Biena chickpeas "addictive," and we couldn't agree more.