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Our Story

Poorvi Patodia, Founder & CEO - Biena Snacks

Poorvi Patodia, Founder & CEO

Hi there! This is Poorvi, the Founder of Biena. Mom of two and a bonafide snack food junkie. I created Biena because of the lack of healthy options to support my snacking obsession.

I had a vision of the nutrient-packed crispy chickpeas of my childhood becoming a staple snack in the pantries of Americans. I started experimenting in my kitchen to fine-tune the roasting process.

As I started talking to friends and family, I realized we could impact people’s health for the better by replacing standard junk food snacks with much healthier alternatives.

In 2012 I launched Biena, at a time when the trend around plant-protein snacks was still in its infancy. From our roots in a single store outside of Boston to 15,000 retail locations nationwide, we have grown a lot.

In 2022, we have given chips a major upgrade with the launch of Tasty Thins. They’re made with chickpeas & veggies, and have 30 crisps per serving so you can snack with zero guilt. Most importantly – they’re absolutely delicious!

Choosing Biena means you get the crunch and taste you crave in a healthier way.

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Poorvi Patodia - Founder, Biena