3 Ways to Customize Your Appetizer Plates

Grazing board with chickpeas


Go Dairy-free

For those unfamiliar with dairy-free cheese, what better time to experiment than on your appetizer plate? Whatever your preferred cheese option, there’s most likely an alternative that doesn’t contain milk or dairy. Love mozzarella? Miyoko’s has you covered with two vegan options. Going for cheddar, the cheese board classic? Violife offers block, shredded, and sliced options of dairy-free cheddar goodness. There are more and more dairy-free cheese options appearing frequently on store shelves, so why not explore and find your favorite?


Just like traditional cheese, dairy-free cheese is perfect for adding to delicious recipes to impress your family and friends this Thanksgiving. Cheese boards are great for individually sized bites, which also perfectly describes quiche! Try making a quiche with dairy-free cashew queso for a delicious, but not-too-filling, snack. Looking to test your baking skills this holiday season? This dairy-free cheesecake is a perfect dessert ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth.


One of the great things about appetizer plates is their customizability. In fact, who says cheese even needs to be the star? There are plenty of great cheese replacements for your next board. Instead of using crackers or bread to hold cheese, why not dip them into something like hummus or jam? Experiment with different flavors and snack textures. Add some extra crunch to your board with Biena’s roasted chickpea snacks.


Choose a Theme

Planning a party around a theme can be stressful, but it’s a lot more fun when it’s theming a appetizer plate. Creating your next cheese board masterpiece for a holiday? Add winter-themed flavors, like fig jam and candied walnuts, for Christmas and New Years or watermelon slices for the Fourth of July. Play with colors and in-season fruits or vegetables too. Each season can have its own unique cheeses, dips, and pairings.


Given the infinite amount of possibilities when creating your appetizer plate, why not try to incorporate different countries into your board? A North American board might include a Wisconsin cheddar, a strawberry maple jam, and the aforementioned cashew queso. A Europen cheese board may feature a burrata, chorizo, and a bright chardonnay. The possibilities are endless.


Speaking of unique flavors, a flavor themed cheese board is as fun to plan as it is to eat. A sweet & savory cheese board has something that everyone will enjoy. There is no shortage of flavor combinations, so mix and match to meet whatever you and your guests prefer.

Create Individual Cheese Boards

Want to avoid missing out on one of your favorite components of your cheese board? Make them individually sized! This way, everyone can have a little of everything. You can even tailor them to fit guests’ dietary needs. Smaller individual cheese boards are easier to transport and no one will feel guilty about eating all the grapes or crackers. Plus, you can even individually theme each cheese board to highlight your guests’ favorite snacks, flavors, or interests.


Biena’s roasted chickpeas and keto puffs are the perfect addition to any appetizer plate this holiday season. These crunchy and great-tasting snacks compliment all flavor combinations. Shop our products today or use our store locator to find them being sold near you.

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