4 Myths About The Plant-Based Diet


The rise of plant-based diets has brought a lot of awareness to how expansive and beneficial this lifestyle can be. Whether it’s for health reasons or just to try the growing trend, the popularity continues to spread. Beginners—and anyone looking to try it—have access to a plethora of information, but not all of it is necessarily true. Like anything, there are many myths floating around about the plant-based diet.

Here are four of the most common misconceptions and why they aren’t true.

The Options Don’t Taste Good

One of the biggest misconceptions about the plant-based diet is that it’s mostly bland and tasteless food. Totally not true! There’s a variety of fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, and more that pack a ton flavor. Not to mention how easy and fun it is to add your own flavors using spices and other ingredients. Many plant-based options are customizable and allow you to find the perfect taste for whatever you’re craving.

You can even use Biena snacks for inspiration! Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean letting go of your favorite flavors. Fans of spicy foods will love our crunchy habanero roasted chickpeas or light and airy blazin’ hot chickpea puffs.

They Lack Protein

Many people associate a lack of meat with a lack of protein. As long as you’re varying your meals and snacks, it’s very easy to get enough protein in your diet. Foods like tofu, beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, and even seeds provide tons of protein. Not to mention common staples including peanut butter, hummus, or edamame. 

Biena snacks aren’t just great tasting. They’re a convenient way to sneak in some extra protein! Our snacks have from 5-6g of protein per serving, which provides a nice boost to fill you up and give you energy for your day. 

There’s Not Enough Variety

Despite what you might think when you hear “plant-based”, the diet includes more meals than just salads. As the lifestyle gets more and more popular, creative ideas continue to grow. There are countless recipes for meals that range from quick bites to large dinners for guests. Check out the plant-based ideas for noodles, sandwiches, burritos, sushi, cakes, donuts, and almost anything you can think of!

A Plant-Based Lifestyle Only Consists of Fruits and Vegetables

While fruits and vegetables make up part of the diet, it’s not the whole thing! Nuts, seeds, and legumes add variety and great-tasting meal options to your diet. Almonds make a filling snack, while chia and sunflower seeds make great toppings on yogurt, salads, and more. Legumes including lentils, split peas, and black beans are high in protein and can be used as sides or as part of a main dish.

Many popular meals include veggie burgers, pasta, pizza, and tacos. Even ice cream can fit into the plant-based lifestyle! Of course, many of these consist of fruits or vegetables. Even so, they’re used in creative ways that are as delicious as the “real” thing. Many of your favorite ingredients like barbeque sauce or cocoa powder still fit into this as well.

Biena chickpea snacks are the perfect way to start or complement your plant-based diet. Whether you try our roasted chickpeas or puffs, enjoy the great tasting and protein-packed treats!  Shop our products today or use our store locator to find them being sold near you.
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