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Fall into Flavor: How to Incorporate Biena into your Fall Activities

Whatever your fall plans are, chickpeas are a perfect companion for your colorful autumn adventures.

As the leaves begin to change and a crisp chill fills the air, it's time to embrace all the wonderful activities that fall has to offer. And what better way to enjoy the season than by taking your favorite Biena Snacks with you? Whether you're a busy college student, a working professional, or a mom on the go, our vegan chickpea snacks are the perfect companions for your autumn adventures.

Hiking in the Colorful Autumn woods? The vibrant fall foliage is calling your name, and it’s time to hit the trails. Whether a seasoned hiker or just taking a nature walk, don’t forget to pack your Roasted Chickpeas from Biena. These mighty protein packed chickpeas a perfect energy pick-me-up to conquer those trails and capture the beauty of the changing leaves.

Pumpkin hunting and jack-o-lantern carving is a quintessential fall activity. It brings everyone together for quality time in the autumn foliage. Be sure to keep your Tasty Thins handy, while you search for the perfect pumpkin to carve. Biena has the perfect size snacks for being on the go and they give nourishment on your quests through pumpkin filled fields.

There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a bonfire on a chilly fall evening. While roasting marshmallows or sitting back to enjoy the flickering flames, don’t forget to pass around some Biena Roasted Chickpeas. Perhaps the Honey Roasted flavor will suit your sweet side while around the fire, or maybe you prefer some smoky Habanero to complement the flames. You just can’t go wrong with the selection of flavors with Biena’s Roasted Chickpeas!

It's football season! There is no doubt that the big game night is not complete without an indulgence of snacks. Biena has got the perfect solution for your fall time cravings. Biena’s Super Crunch Mix offers a trail mix snack with a health-conscious chickpea twist! Tex Mex includes pretzels, almonds, fava crips, along with our signature chickpeas and a Tex Mex seasoning. While maybe you would prefer something a little sweeter in our Sweet and Salty Magic option including dark chocolate gems, cranberries, and almonds to round out a better-for-you delicious snack. Nothing goes together like Super Crunch Mix and fall football!

Whatever your fall journey brings, Biena is the perfect companion.

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