Biena Snacks Wants to Fight America’s Obesity Epidemic, Which Reaches Record Highs

By EJ Linehan

Studies Show Chickpeas Ideal for Weight Management

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report stating that nearly 40% of Americans, along with 20% of adolescents, are obese. This is the highest rate ever recorded in the United States. 

While the CDC report does not state the reason for the increase in obesity, Dr. Frank of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health theorizes that "There’s still a huge amount of cheap, accessible, highly processed food available everywhere almost anytime.”

The line about “cheap, accessible, highly processed food” caught our eye at Biena Snacks. Snacking is a part of daily life. Many health experts even recommend eating 4-5 small meals and snacks each day for weight management. The hard part for most people is finding a healthier snack replacement with less fat along with more protein and fiber. Plus, you generally want something quick and easy to eat from a bag. At this point, you likely know we are going to talk about Biena Snacks!

Part of our mission from the beginning was to create the ultimate snack with zero sacrifice. When it comes to snacking – this means delicious crunch and tons of flavor. And Biena prides itself on being a plant-based snack packed with protein and fiber, which is scientifically good for you. In one study, eating chickpeas, which are considered a natural diet supplement by some, kept dieters from consuming more fatty foods.

Biena’s roasted chickpeas are the perfect swap for over-processed, sugary packaged snacks since Biena is made with simple ingredients and a filling combo of protein and fiber. The transition from items such as greasy potato chips to Biena’s chickpeas is easy because we use familiar flavors such as Sea Salt, Ranch, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion.

Of course, we are not saying quit all your favorite foods and only eat Biena (unless you want to!) But if you or someone you know is looking to fight back against the obesity epidemic, Biena Snacks is definitely a great item to add into your diet.

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