Snacking On-the-Go: Do's and Dont's


With the ever-changing and nonstop world we live in, snacking on-the-go has become the new normal. Whether it’s rushing to an appointment or running important errands, the need for quick, easy, and delicious snacks is as crucial as ever. Snacks like roasted chickpeas or chickpea puffs have all the necessary qualities of on-the-go snacking: convenience, healthiness, and deliciousness.

Here are some do’s and don’t for snacking on-the-go!

DO: Reach for Something Healthy

Let’s be honest; it’s easy to grab something heavily processed and unhealthy. These snacks are abundant in grocery stores and are what people usually choose. Going out of your way—and comfort zone—to try something new can be very beneficial! Many of your favorite snacks probably have healthier alternatives, and you might even discover your new favorite treat. Try to reach for something packed with protein and low in sugar to satisfy and keep you full.

Fans of cheese puffs—and who isn’t?—will love Biena Snacks’ chickpea puffs. You can find them in three delicious flavors, and best of all, they’re healthy! These snacks are vegetarian, low in sugar, and taste great!

DON’T: Look to Fast Food

The drive-through is always tempting. It’s quick and easy, but is fast food worth it? Now and then it’s okay, but if you’re looking for a snack while you’re out and about, it’s probably not the best choice. Between the price and the questionable healthiness, going with a snack is the better option. You’ll save money and eat healthier, what’s not to love?

DO: Look for Portability and Convenience

Whether you’re eating in your car, while getting dressed, or waiting for a meeting, portability is critical. Using pre-portioned containers or resealable bags is the perfect way to fuel up and stay on the move. In addition to tasting great, on-the-go snacking needs to be as dynamic as you are. For example, Biena’s roasted chickpea snacks are easy to eat, come in a resealable bag, and are a healthy way to energize you for your day.

DON’T: Bring Something Messy

Keep the messy stuff for snacking at home. Snacks that crumble easily or are already a mess—think granola, flaky baked goods, etc.—cause headaches if you’re trying to eat in your clean car or the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Nothing’s worse than crumbs everywhere or messy, greasy hands. Make sure your snacks are as simple as they are convenient.

Biena Snacks creates the perfect portable treat for busy snackers. Enjoy the great-tasting and protein-packed snacks at home or on the road!  Shop our products today or use our store locator to find them near you.

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