Why Biena Snacks?

Why Biena Snacks?

At Biena, we love a good snack – who doesn’t! Something with a light crisp, powerful flavor, and good-for-you benefits is our go-to. For a long time, it was difficult to find a store-bought snack that was delicious and healthy. That’s why we created our roasted and puffed chickpea snacks! Finally, something that tastes good and you can feel good about eating. Why else should you choose Biena? We’ll tell you!

We’ve prioritized flavor and health from the start

Poorvi Patodia is the founder and CEO of Biena. She’s also a self-proclaimed bonafide snack food junkie – relatable, right? She often grabbed snacks when hustling from meetings to her kids’ soccer practices, but found it difficult to fulfill her snack food obsession with snacks that weren’t loaded with fat, calories, and artificial ingredients. Where were the healthy options?

Poorvi envisioned transforming the nutrient-packed chickpeas she ate as a child into delicious, convenient snacks that would become a staple snack in the pantries of Americans. She set out to make this a reality, developing the recipe in her own kitchen and roasting chickpeas until she achieved the perfect light, crispy texture – all while keeping the protein, fiber, and nutrients of a whole chickpea. 

Biena was officially launched in 2012 to provide healthy snacks that don’t sacrifice crunch or taste. Since then, we’ve grown to multiple product lines available in 15,000 retail stores across the country. Taste, texture, and health have been our focus from day one, and will continue to be as we keep growing.

Plant-based protein and other healthy features

Potato chips and many other snack options at your local grocery store are full of empty calories and are low on protein and fiber. They may taste good, but they won’t keep you feeling full for very long. Not Biena! We’ve intentionally designed our snacks to offer more protein and fiber while reducing fat without losing flavor.

Our Roasted Chickpea Snacks provide twice the protein, six times the fiber, and 40% less fat than chips. Each roasted chickpea snack also offers 5-6g of plant protein per serving and 5-6 g of fiber per serving, plus no artificial ingredients!

Our Baked Puffs have 6g of plant protein and 70% fewer carbs than standard puffs. They’re also corn free, rice free, grain free, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan, making them the perfect addition to the snack section of your pantry.

Following the Keto diet? Our Baked Puffs are Keto-Friendly and provide 5g of plant protein and 5g of net carbs per serving. They’re made with chickpeas, lentils, peas, and sea salt – that’s it! Nothing artificial here.

A great option for many dietary needs

Whether you have food allergies or other specific dietary needs, Biena has a snack for you!

Gluten-free: Our Roasted Chickpea Snacks and Baked Puffs are naturally gluten free.

Grain-free: Biena Roasted Chickpea Snacks and Baked Puffs are grain free. We never use any corn, wheat, or rice as fillers!

Peanut-free: Biena Roasted Chickpea Snacks and Baked Puffs are peanut-free and made in a peanut-free facility.

Vegetarian: Our Roasted Chickpea Snacks are vegetarian while our Baked Puffs are vegan.

Vegan options: With the exception of the Honey Roasted flavor, our Roasted Chickpea Snacks are vegan. Our Baked Puffs are also all vegan.

So many delicious flavors

No one wants to eat a boring snack. At Biena, we make sure each snack item we offer is jam-packed with delicious flavor.

Roasted Chickpea Snacks

We took healthy chickpeas, roasted them, and added a touch of seasoning for flavorful snacks you’re sure to love.

  • Sea Salt: Roasted chickpeas with a light dusting of sea salt, for when you want a delicious yet simple snack
  • Honey Roasted: The perfect blend of sweet and salty to satisfy your cravings
  • Habanero: Spice things up with this habanero-flavored Chickpea Snack that brings the heat
  • Barbecue: A classic roasted BBQ flavor that’s smoky, spicy, and sweet with a tangy kick
  • Rockin’ Ranch: A dusting of ranch seasoning gives these Chickpea Snacks a flavor your taste buds will love
  • Lil’ Bit Of Everything: Our newest flavor is like your favorite everything bagel in a little bite


Baked Puffs

We puffed up our chickpeas to create a light and airy crunchy texture.

  • Vegan Cheddar: A classic flavor without the dairy
  • Vegan Ranch: A vegan-friendly mix of ranch, onion and garlic
  • Sea Salt: Lightly dusted with sea salt and sure to satisfy



Variety Packs and Samplers

Not sure which flavor to try first? Check out our variety packs and sampler packs! A variety pack of our Roasted Chickpea Snacks gives you a sampling of our 6 tasty flavors! Our Baked Puffs Sampler Pack includes four bags of each - Sea Salt, Vegan Cheddar and Vegan Ranch.

Did we mention we’re award winning?

We think Biena snacks are delicious, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Our Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks and Honey Roasted Chickpea Snacks are the 2016 Clean Eating Magazine Clean Choice Award Winner. PopSugar named our Rockin’ Ranch Chickpea Snacks the Best New Grocery Store Snack in 2016. Our Habanero Chickpea Snacks are our most award-winning flavor, earning recognition from Shape Magazine Snack Awards, The Gourmet Editor Retailer’s Picks, and Cooking Light Taste Test Awards.

Available at a store near you

Retail stores across the country stock Biena snacks, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart, and Amazon. Check out our Store Locator to find Biena snacks near you!

Shop Biena

Everyone deserves snacks that are flavorful, crunchy, healthy, and tasty – and that’s what we’ve created with Biena snacks! Click here to shop our chickpea snacks and find your new go-to treat.

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