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Why Tasty Thins are the Obvious Choice for Snackers

Biena shines in the snack aisle because we believe there is a way to enjoy a snacking without feeling guilty.

At Biena Snacks, we believe that snacks should be a source of tasteful joy, not guilt. That is why we introduced Tasty Thins and they have been slaying ever since! Our flavors are not just delicious, they are revolutionizing the snacking world. Let’s look at what makes these little crisps the top choice for snackers.

Looking for a healthy choice? Tasty Thins Take the Lead!

When making health-conscious choices, picking the right snack matters. Everybody wants to enjoy their favorite snack without worrying about how many to eat at once. That is where Tasty Thins shine, with a 40 calories per 10 crisps, it is truly a marvel in the better-for-you snacking world. You can mindfully munch to you hearts content with a bag of Tasty Thins.

You can happily indulge in a flavorful, crunchy experience without a calorie overload because each Tasty Thin crisp only has approximately 4 calories. Choosing Tasty Thins mean you can savor every bite and know you are making a smart choice on behalf of your health.

At Biena Snacks, Quality over anything else. Always.

Tasty Thins are more than just a better-for-you option. They’re also the epitome of flavor. You don’t just want to satisfy hunger, you also want to be savoring every crunch with seasonings that you can get behind and makes it hard to put the bag down! Tasty Thins currently come in three mouthwatering flavors: Hawaiian Barbeque, Sea Salt, and Tuscan Herb.

Transport your taste buds to the islands of Hawaii with our Hawaiian Barbeque flavor. The smoky barbeque infused with a touch of pineapple sweetness will keep you coming back. Each bite is a tropical gateway for your mouth, making it a top choice for those who crave some depth to your everyday snacks flavors. It is not just the seasonings, the mighty chickpea is the powerhouse behind every crisp. The plant-based crisps are easily the best delivery mechanism for the seasoning as it is light and airy, delivering a nice crunch consistency while emphasizing the flavors.

Tasty Thins set a new standard for snacking, leaving convential choices such as potato chips in the rearview mirror.

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