Redefining Snacking. One Chickpea At A Time.

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Biena is a small food company on a big mission. We want to change how Americans snack, for the better.

Biena is built on the idea of making snacks that are truly “good.” Good for your taste buds, and good for your body. It’s so important to us that it’s part of our name – Biena was created from the Spanish word “bien” which means “good.”

Our Chickpea Snacks are dramatically different than other snacks. First – we’re obsessed with taste. Our Snacks are lightly crunchy, flaky and flavorful. It took us hundreds of trials to perfect our recipes and roasting process. This is why Biena is the most award winning Chickpea Snack on the market.

Also, Biena has a fantastic nutrition profile. What do we mean by that? It’s the Biena “trifecta” – more protein and fiber to fill you up, with significantly less fat than nuts and chips. Virtually no other type of snack offers this combination naturally (see how we stack up vs. other snacks here). You get the crunch and flavor that you want, in a much, much healthier way.

Finally - we never compromise on quality of ingredients. We use all-natural ingredients and our snacks are Non-GMO Verified. Biena is made from scratch in the USA.

Come join our community and lets revolution snacking together. #BienaGood