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Healthy Snack ideas from Biena Snacks

For all you snack food junkies, I hear your battle cry! Too often have we all felt the guilt of overindulging on snacks that are delicious but add little to no nutritional impact. Feeling fatigued after a snack can make you want to hit the rewind button and dwell in self-loathing. That's honestly why Biena Chickpea Snacks were created so that we could provide a healthy plant-based product to support any die-hard snacker, minus the guilt. 

The evolution of snacking has continued. With more mindful eating practices and plant-based diets on the rise, consumers have noted, we all want to find a compromise with our lifestyles. Thus, forming a bridge that links snacking as a way of life (hands up!) and healthy eating. 


We can also pass along these positive vibes by developing healthy habits for our young ones. Long gone are the days of artificially flavored, deep-fried, and overly-salted snack packs as a go-to option for an after-school snack. So say goodbye to all your poor eating habits and hello to family-friendly alternatives, mom on the go power snacks, and busy body girl bosses. 


We have compiled the following fantastic snack recipes to integrate your favorite Biena Chickpea flavors into tummy-friendly, nutrient-booted power-ups! 


For the Busy Professional 

There may be a couple of scenarios going on here. A. You might be working from home, which means the fridge is far too close for comfort, and all of your healthy habits are being put to the test or B. You are out and about, constantly on the go, and the 'convenient food options are an easy trap to make poor food choices and deplete your energy for the day. 


Calling all avocado toast fans - if there is one thing you have time for in the morning or afternoon is this Instagram-ready delicious toast. Take it up a notch and add that extra crunch of protein, fiber, and flavor!! And hold the guac. It's all about the base, the quality of your bread will either make or break this dish. A thick slice of artisan whole wheat bread, sourdough, or rye is picture-perfect.  

Spicy Habanero Hummus + Cucumber:
 Spread a thick layer of your favorite hummus on your toasted bread, add freshly sliced cucumbers, and top with our medium spicy flavor Habanero Roasted Chickpea. This tangy and refreshing crunch from the cucumber is superb for any moment of the day. 



Honey Roasted Chocolate + Berries:
For the chocolate lover and seasonal berry nut! Layer fresh season fruit on top of your dark chocolate almond spread. Sprinkle our Honey Roasted Chickpeas for the ideal after lunch or the pre-dinner sweet craving. 


Sea Salt Tomato + Arugula:
A savory Mediterranean-inspired toast with all the umami flavors. Vegan cream cheese or goat cheese spread works perfectly. Cut fresh cherry tomatoes in half and layer with arugula. Top with our Sea Salt Chickpeas to finish. 


For the Mom On the Go

Your the one that does it all. Balance and routine are crucial to sustaining your work/parenting life balance. From A to Z in a matter of a day, that sounds about right, then you get up and do it all over again. Finding consistency in your diet without the long hours needed in food prep is the best practice for healthy and happy mommas. 


Ever hear of salad in a jar? Well, it's a thing, and we were wondering what we were doing before. So covenant to prep these salad jars a day ahead. We usually opt for a smoothie on the go, but there is nothing quite like that crunch and customize as you please. 


All you need is a large mason jar, a small airtight container for dressing, reusable utensils, and this yummy recipe to keep you fab and filled until your next meal. 


Perfect for spring, your mid-day sweet and savory craving just got served! 

Mix the below ingredients together, layer by layer in a large mason jar, and fill ¾ of the way as you will need some room to shake it up. Opt for a low-calorie, low-fat dressing like a balsamic fig or lemon, dijon, and honey. Keep this with you in your airtight container, and when you are ready to eat, add, shake and eat! No mess, no fowl. 


Dino-mite Kiddos 

These little balls of energy can keep anyone's cardio up, so we want to fuel for the road ahead and avoid the monstrous sugar crash tantrums. Yes, even the big kids and teenagers get a little wired and then come down for that all avoidable crash landing.  

Chocolate & PB-covered frozen bananas topped with Biena Honey Roasted Chickpeas.

It's all in the name, really, perfect for those ice cream Sunday cravings. Instead, take your ripe bananas, cut them in half, and insert a popsicle stick inside. When frozen, pour melted chocolate (try dark chocolate to keep it ultra-healthy) and leave it out on a tray. Add a sprinkle of honey chickpeas and let dry. When it's looking ready to eat, drizzle some room temp all-natural peanut butter on top. Viola! Sunday parfait without the guilt.


Snack Attack Bowl:

it's hard not to love. That sweet and savory mix is hard to resist for the big kid in us all. Swap out prebought combinations and make your own. Mix pretzels, raisins, dark chocolate drops, seeds, and raw nuts together. Add in your favorite flavor of chickpeas either with some spice to add a bit of heat or honey to add that kick of sweetness. Less is more. Always pick dry snack goods with understandable and straightforward ingredients.



Can't wait till dinner? That's why we got you covered. Choosing Biena Snacks means you get the crunch and taste you crave more healthily. Because no one should have to compromise flavor to fuel their body with the good stuff. Snackers rejoice!


Add all the protein, fiber, and nutrients of a whole chickpea to your next snack!