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The Best Alternative to Roasting Chickpeas Yourself? Biena Snacks of Course!

By EJ Linehan

Why Learn How to Roast Chickpeas When We’ll do the Work for You?

We meet lots and lots of people who tell us that they love Biena Chickpeas. Not only do they love our familiar flavors such as Sea Salt and Honey, but people love the fact that they don’t have to dry roast chickpeas themselves. And we don’t blame them! Roasting chickpeas takes a lot of prep and time. Biena Snacks handles all that hard work and allows you to simply enjoy the spoils of our crispy roasted chickpea snacks.

But what are the steps to roast chickpeas (garbanzo beans)? 

Of course, we can’t tell you the super-secret Biena steps to making the perfect chickpea snack. It’s like asking your friend’s grandmother for her pasta sauce recipe. She’s never going to tell you, but would love to have you over for dinner to enjoy it! 

We constantly hear from our fans how hard it is to make chickpeas at home and that the chickpeas never come out right. It can be frustrating spending so much time prepping and roasting only to get overly dry or rock-hard chickpeas.

Basically, you can spend a couple hours roasting chickpeas yourself or let your good friends at Biena Snacks do the work for you! Here’s a side-by-side (ish) comparison of how we can save you the time.

Are canned chickpeas already cooked?

Yes, but they are not roasted. So you need to spend hours to complete that process. Or you can pick-up a bag of our flavored chickpeas which are already roasted!

Do you need to soak chickpeas before roasting?

You should thoroughly clean and rinse garbanzo beans from a can. But our Biena Chickpeas are ready to eat right from the bag!

How long do you bake chickpeas?

About 40 minutes if you get them raw or from a can. Or, wait for it, you can eat Biena Chickpeas which are roasted and ready to eat immediately!

How long can you keep chickpeas after roasting them?

Chickpeas you roast at home last about two weeks before you need to dispose of them. Biena Chickpeas last on average for one year in an unopened package.

What spices go on roasted chickpeas?

This is really up to you. People have different taste pallets and enjoy different flavors. For this reason, Biena’s Roasted Chickpeas come in a variety of 10 flavors including Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, Salted Caramel, and Dark Chocolate!

If we’ve sold you on allowing us to do your chickpea roasting for you, but don’t see the flavor you want, email us! We love suggestions and you may just inspire the next line of Biena Snacks! 

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Author: EJ Linehan